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Get to know Easy2ad

In a world of technological advancement, infinite data, and new opportunities emerging by the day there seems to be an ever growing need to develop your multitasking skills in order to keep up.

Sometimes, it’s just not enough; and you need to be able to delegate some responsibilities for the sake of big-picture functionality.

This sysyem helps you to create and manage advanced advertising campaigns on facebook, all by yourself. Then what it does is automatically promote your facebook\instagram posts by using different audiences you choose.

Running ad campaigns may consume a lot of time, money, and effort; and require extensive knowledge in various fields hence making it harder to focus on other important matters that await you in your calendar. is a Facebook approved system that’s here to help you save all of these resources, by following 3 simple steps to “fire and forget” your campaigns and let them run automatically, while constantly being optimize to give you the best results.

Why Easy2ad?
Easy to set

By following 3 simple steps; and without any previous knowledge – you can create an advanced, precise, and ultra-effective campaign.

Set your campaign once, and it’ll automatically be applied to all of your future posts – without your interference.


Enjoy automation

  • Avoid human errors: robots don’t go wrong, get tired, or ask for sick leaves.
  • Optimized results: easy2ad will constantly perform audience and ad analysis, and apply derived conclusions in real time – so that you can enjoy the best possible results for your budget.

Best value for money

compared to boosting a post, running autonomous ads, or any other alternative – easy2ad will provide you with the best results; for a minimum investment. In addition, you can save costs: significantly cheaper than hiring an employee / freelancer.

So, What are the 3 Simple Steps to Start?


Log in with your Facebook Ads account

Fill in automation details

Select page, daily budget, and target audience.

Choose pricing plan

Hit “Go” - and your campaign will start running immediately. Enjoy!

That’s it! Your ad campaign is ready, and will start running immediately. Way to go!

Choose your plan


$ 59
Per Month
  • 1 Automated Page & Campaign
  • Unlimited Posts
  • 24/7 Chat & Emails Support


$ 249
Per Month
  • 5 Automated Pages & Campaigns
  • Unlimited Posts
  • 24/7 Chat & Emails Support


$ 399
Per Month
  • 10 Automated Pages & Campaigns
  • Unlimited Posts
  • 24/7 Chat & Emails Support


$ 119
Per Month
  • 1 Automated Page & Campaign
  • Unlimited Posts
  • 24/7 Phone calls & Whatsapp Support
  • Various Customization Options

What our clients say?

This program has changed my life! instead of spending money on Professionals I manage to create advertising campaign all by myself, without any previous knowledge. amazing!
The amazing this is your don’t need the help of no one, the program allows you to start your own advertising campaign without any help, everything explained very clearly and simple.
CTO Burgers Bar
“Amazing tool! using Easy2ad helped me get the best results and increase my performances by no time!”
Elad Stefansky
Ceo Somthing good ADV

A few of our clients


Most frequent questions and answers

After a long process of thorough inspection, Facebook has officially approved our software and granted us full API access.

We’ve got 3 pricing plans to fit every need: basic, advanced, and premium.
For more details, please see pricing plans:

The whole purpose of this software is to remove any unnecessary technological hassles from its users. So, as long as you can login to your Facebook account and fill in a few details – you’ll be just fine!

Not at all. Knowledge in Facebook Ads is exactly where we come into the picture. Your part is just to log into your Facebook account, fill in a few details, sit back, and enjoy the results.

By simplifying ad campaigns and making them accessible to anyone – using Easy2ad will allow you to cut the middleman who’s responsible for your social advertising. That’ll save you a lot of money, and make this software the perfect choice for you.

Sure thing! Our team is always here for you, and will be happy to help you and answer any of your questions, 24/7.

Please see our contact information: We’d love to hear from you!

Ad agencies usually provide services for other businesses who need promotion. Easy2ad will automize and optimize large parts of your activity – saving you a lot of time, money, and human resources – hence making it the perfect fit for you.

1. Unlike in ‘Boost Post’, here you can target and optimize several clients at once.
2. Unlike in ‘Boost Post’, here you can choose more parameters than just exposure: it can also be engagement, conversions, and clicks.
3.  Unlike in ‘Boost Post’, here your campaign keeps running automatically, without you having to redefine it every time. You only set it once – and it goes on until you stop it.
4.  Unlike in ‘Boost Post’, here optimization is performed automatically, by AI.

Sure! there’s a variety of specifications you can define in order to promote specific content. E.g: Only pictures, videos, texts, etc; or posts with a specific amount of comments, likes, clicks, etc.

Ready to Enter a New World of Simplicity and Automation in Social Advertisement?

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